A brilliant idea and a fantastic course.  Laser safety training has never been easier. It was so straight forward and convenient. Laser/ILS Safety Training Core of Knowledge

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Courses are delivered online through the LCS Academy e-Learning Portal. The portal is a state of the art e-learning system used in educational establishments around the world.

The course content is a blend of lectures delivered via video presentations, reading and online assessment which are graded automatically giving you instant results and where learners gain the appropriate marks in the assessments a certificate which is security marked and verifiable.


LASER / ILS / IPL Safety:

This course has been developed to comply with the Appendix C MHRA DB 2008 (03) syllabus for laser and ILS/IPL safety.

£120.00 plus VAT

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This course is designed to meet the requirements under MHRA DB 2008 (03) for persons acting as an onsite Laser/ILS Protection Supervisor.

*Requires completion of Core of Knowledge course prior to acceptance

£80.00 plus VAT*

Laser Protection Supervisor

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